Photographers Resource

Photographers Resource, the resource for photographers, with a monthly newsletter/magazine, new articles, location guides and more added each month.

Unlike a printed magazine we can index everything and have it all available to you all the time, its free to use, and far larger than would be possible by any other means. Information is indexed by topic, alphabetical and by geography.

The main website for Photographers Resource is  at

The weekly magazine comes out in time for the first of the month at

National portals

We are developing specific portals for other individual countries, and the the following is currently available

The main website also covers location guides, fully indexed covering the UK, made up of England, Wales and coastland together with Northern Ireland and we have also included Southern Ireland and the  the channel isles.

Ghana Portal - Ghana is a friendly and safe country in West Africa, and has a very wide range of opportunities to offer photographers, including most of the castles in Africa are in Ghana. It also offers wildlife, coastal, inland, waterfalls, heritage and far more.  The portal is developed to visiting Ghana, with information on how to get there, formalities, specialist articles on some aspects of life in Ghana, and a visit there. Location  guides cover many of its main attractions with more being added.

USA Portal - in development - no publication date announced so far

Others coming -  we would also be delighted to hear from you if you would like to either build or help build a national portal, take a look at the Ghana Portal to get an idea of what is involved. You dont nned any web skills, just a desire to research and write and it helps if you also have photos.

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